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Rural & Remote Advisory Board (RRAB)

The Rural & Remote Advisory Board is the local organizing committee responsible for setting direction for addressing homelessness in the community or region.  Although there are several different types of Advisory Boards, every board has certain elements in common. It encourages partnership building. It goes beyond simply funding organizations – it is involved in aligning efforts to end and prevent homelessness throughout the community. It identifies priorities through a planning process, determines which projects should be implemented to address those priorities and reports back to the larger community on the efforts made and results achieved in preventing and reducing homelessness.

There is a secondary Rural & Remote funding stream specific to Indigenous homelessness that is managed by Provincial Metis Housing Corporation. They have a separate Board that serves in a similar function for a separate pool of funding. Both Community Entities and Boards are working to coordinate efforts in ending homelessness in Rural Saskatchewan.

For information about funding opportunities, email:

Rural & Remote Advisory Board Members

  • Bill Hall, Food Banks of Saskatchewan
  • Holly Schick, Saskatchewan Seniors Mechanism
  • Lana Phillips, Saskatchewan Housing Corporation
  • Tim Gross, Saskatchewan Housing Corporation
  • Cherylynn Walters, Marieval Enterprises
  • Jo-Anne Dusel, PATHs