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Get Involved
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How Can I Get Involved?

Starting A Dialogue…

Here at Regina Homelessness, we hope to engage the community on these issues through more than just our website. We have a desire to step into the community and take this conversation far and wide. From the classroom to the board room. The place that you worship to the dinner table in your home. Homelessness impacts our entire City. We need a communtiy that is engaged and comes together to prioritize ending homelessness.

The conversation will include elements of the following:

  • What does “homelessness” mean? Explaining the complexity of the issue
  • Sharing our knowlege on homelessness issues in Regina
  • How to get involved with homelessness initiatives in Regina
  • Breaking through the stigma and stereotypes surrounding those living in homelessness
  • Listening to your experiences and sharing ideas
  • Discussing the vast over representation of Indigenous people living in homelessness
  • Where do we go from here? How can we end homelessness in Regina?

Whether you are with a community organization, business, school, religious group, government oganization, etc…we would love to start a dialogue with you! If you’d like us to come present to your group and start a conversation, please email to discuss details and work out a time to meet.

Homelessness is everyone’s business. Let’s start the conversation!

Donations & Volunteering

There are many different organizations working in the field of housing and homelessness, looking for people to donate both their time and items or financial support.

Most shelters also accept financial donations and have volunteer opportunities within their organization.
Please visit the Get Help page to find links and more information.

Contact Your Representatives

Tell your City Councillor, Mayor, MLA, Premier, MP, and Prime Minister what you’d like to see done about homelessness. Politicians follow the lead of those that elected them, and the more engagement they have on the issue of homelessness, the more they’ll make it a priority.

How Can I Stay Connected?

If you want to receive updates and information from, such as notifications on new blog postings or events, you can sign up through the website. Be sure to check out our Events Page to see a calendar including local community events. You can also stay connected by following us on our social media: