Welcome Home Boxes

Welcome Home Boxes

What are Welcome Home Boxes?

In creation of Regina’s Plan to end chronic homelessness, we heard from many in our community a strong desire to get more involved in ending homelessness in our city. If the average person had to move tomorrow, they could do so having most of what they need. For someone exiting homelessness into housing, they have few items. Support Workers can often help set them up with a bed or some used furniture, but the things that make a place feel like home are often difficult to come by. These items require resources that people leaving homelessness just don’t have.

The idea of ‘Welcome Home Boxes’ was developed as a way to include the community in supporting individuals leaving homelessness. For approximately $750, a list of key items will be purchased and provided to someone moving into new housing. This process will function through Regina’s Coordinated Housing Intake Process (CHIP), where several organizations work together to house individuals and families exiting homelessness. As Welcome Home Boxes become available, the CHIP table will coordinate provision of the boxes to the eligible individuals and families moving into housing.

Any community group can participate! Faith groups, youth groups, groups of co-workers or families, etc…We request that mostly new items are purchased, allowing for very gently used donations only when necessary. We want their home to be something they are proud to live in, and to be a place they feel a sense of belonging. Welcome Home Boxes will help us towards that goal!

If anyone is interested in sponsoring a Welcome Home Box, they can contact Terin Kennedy for more details at terin@endhomelessnessregina.ca.

Current Supporters

We are so thankful to several groups in the city that have already sponsored several Welcome Home Boxes, making the move-in day for some incredibly special. We want to give a shout out those who donated their time and energy to purchase, deliver, or donate items/money for the program. We couldn’t do this without you, and for these individuals, you are making all the difference in the world!