HIFIS in Saskatchewan

Homeless Individuals and Families Information System


HIFIS 4 (Homeless Individuals and Families Information System) is a software program designed to help communities across Canada to track and collect accurate data for organizations providing services to those living in homelessness. The goal is to have all service providers on the same “cluster,” which means they will be able to share data and information between service providers. Our goal to get HIFIS 4 software program to as many service providers as possible to help collect more accurate data for homelessness initiatives, as well as to offer support and coordination between agencies . We will be starting with emergency shelters and work our way to other service providers and potential users that might benefit from a more coordinated system.

One of the main questions organizations ask is “When will HIFIS 4 be officially rolled out in Saskatchewan?” Our team is coordinating with counterparts in Saskatoon to ensure this happens ASAP! Part of the process is ensuring data will be secure, which is one of the key benefits to using HIFIS. Many service providers use spreadsheets and have unsecured data systems. With HIFIS 4, which is a Cloud based program, the data will be stored on a secure server, ensuring privacy for clients and agencies.

If you have questions or concerns, please contact Addison Docherty, Director of Coordinated Systems Access & Special Projects, at addison.docherty@regina.ymca.ca.